Buyers Sellers Network was formed in 2000 during .com Era to offer a complete comprehensive platform to buy or sell a home removing all the red tape. CEO "After a career in Cooperate Finance " , VP Mortgages sales , CPI INS Claims to name a few. BSN launched its  business model specializing in owner financing to making the process smoother to insure the long term.  The inventory listed in data base can be purchased with  A 5% - 15% down with title being transferred at closing. This allows BSN too meet or beat the objectives of our clients & investors with little to know risk.  Forget all the delay's from institutional lenders restrictions. We design our services to cut through all that red tape in the process allowing the flexibility needed to accommodate all parties involved. Every deal is tailored to the client needs & promoted to our network affiliates that are searching for your deals , increasing sellers  chances of not selling  but better "cashing it out",   with our pre -determined factor we meet our objectives.   

We set the terms based on the request then match according to the relativity , thereby resulting in all parties being satisfied with the process and transparency. We have been in the business for 24 years. Our integrity  expertise in the work we do is important , as well as our customer services provided. Our experience extends over a combined total of 100 years specializing in owner finance options, notes and creative real estate concepts . Become A Member Today .   


Sellers can feel good about us our strengths & background are Factoring , note buying , negotiations, Insurance CPI adjusting , risk management , finance, buying & selling  , restoration , loss mitt foreclosure, asset management, portfolio management , mortgage sales. We consult in the development of creative structures that are means to and end. We tailor fit each deal to meet the need of our clients by removing the red tape and in some cases removing all the risk . Buyers are vetted when they sign in and are able too purchase any deal we put in front of them. All properties listed have been equally vetted under contract or titled to BSN. Realize the American Dream of ownership by factoring into it the worst scenario & set yourself up to succeed not fail. 

We have been helping buyer & sellers  realize ownership goals & dreams for 24 yrs+. You can trust in that we have worked with the fortune 100 banking & Insurance and  partnered with investors alike in the past to present.  CITI BANK ATL, Manufactures Handover, AIG, VP TLH MORT, CEO CREC. We are a family run business & we understand that you’re not just making an investment; you’re investing in your family’s future. 

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