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Gain access as a member to news, tips & extras on deals tailored to your objectives, insiders list of fix & flips nationally, education,  library, video and more.   B.S.N. is a network of  pros offering services to buyers providing comprehensive options to buy, sellers way to increase leverage & sell by 50% , investors a secured vehicle for their cash vs unsecured stocks to move funds avoiding capital gain secured by real estate. 

Our members collaborate with other members giving them a network of resources and information to real solution to their owner ship and investment objectives. Register to become a member free of charge and gain all access to our services & resources to help you achieve your real estate investment objectives. Many of our members we have partner or JV on projects many we still have yet too JV on projects or invest in one of our projects at cost and secure you investment with little to know risk. Profit from real estate witout owning it/ Become a member and have access to platform that can offer support and investment options to help protect your SDIRA / 401k fund. Not sure about becoming a member with us click for free brochure on more of any of the services that may apply. 

Owner finance option gives you a real way to secure funding on projects at cost and allowing members to have more control over their real estate goals. With property analysis , rehab evaluations, investor, buyer , seller investment JV calculation is some of the software we use in determining what will work and will not work in factoring all the unforseen to insure more security in what we do for our members. 

We have real solutions for real estate challenges in today climate. We have designed our services to appeal to savvy investors , buyers , sellers and contractors in providing a one stop shop for great deals support and resources to help make it possible for our members to reach their investment objectives. Our comprehensive services have been designed to take the hassle out of the process and give a proven option to achieving investment objectives. 


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