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LUXURY STAY / LEASING  -  ONE OF THE HOME ON THIS PRTAL WE PROVIDE SHORT TERM OR LONGTERM STAYS . Our short term program offers the best Atlanta has to offer byway of accommodation includes short term minimum weekly 7 , 14,  30, 90, 180  day stay's.  Compared to AIRBNB you pay one  fee + Tax  the rest is yours, cleaning fees , any addons are optional in the portal. Our platform is marketed in partnership with local major movie studios , entertainment agents ,  conventioneers , executive cooperate niche. Looking for a great stay and more short term our vetting process insures you home will be just the way you left it. Insurance is not optional and is one and half times the term.    

LONGTERM - falls under our leas program 12, 24 months with option.  Owners seeking a creative exit  can virtually list their homes stream it live on this platform,  gain access to prospects searching for a lease they view and apply to start the process from comforts of home without physically being there.  Once the vetting process is completed Owner can setup a viewing if they choose live streaming.  After the virtual view and vetting process. Once verification process is concluded Owner gives ok to proceed with prospect lockbox no# for access is then provided to view at prospects leisure with copy of state issued valid ID. 

Deposit may apply on a case by case bases depending on the owners requirements. Prospects searching for private owner for home offering lease or buy, options. Buyers can search those assets and click to complete the buyer.  assets are tailored to buyers search. Seller can list free if they are selling and give the option to platform.  Or pay a for the listing for 30-days recurring monthly go to checkout.  

All you need too  secure a lease is proof of income, valid state ID, valid checking no rental judgements evictions. Since 2000 this platform has been making homes affordable.  Your Job is your credit, your credit is your exit  and with credit builders we offer in-house you can build a better history when you meet the requirements. We can  work with you too secure a home on our platform.  A  little credit goes a long way and we report on all three reports.  Our service provides a way out while you clear your credit - within 6-12 months of your term. Leasee are then converted into  financing note. List of available properties are available too view at your leisure virtually.  

Landlord  complete intake to set your time for a virtual tour inspection. We  will give you an option too it free or opt in for virtual listing too  gain immediately exposure and access on our platform network of curious renters , buyers searching. We offer luxury rentals currently short term  tailored per  request on a portal designed for short term stays . Click too apply view available properties. All applicants must complete online form too start process. We take the hassle out of it. We  then meet or beat your expectation our platform does the heavy lifting and vetting for you.  

All properties that meet platform criteria are uploaded. All applicant are vetted in our process prior to  gaining access to our network. Once renter puts in their request platform tailors that request too a properties that meet their request they can view at their leisure on lock-box#.   Rent to own need  at least 15% down  too secure options 600 fico, CFD conversion into owner DOT.    Once we receive your request you can view virtual tours streaming from  our platform.  We take the hassle out of the  process.  GET STARTED TODAY APPLY. 

"Thanks for the great service. I didn't think we could even get a home,let 
alone this kind of outstanding deal. You guy's are the best ! - Ron and Claire Becket 

"BSN are exactly what their name says. We called them on a Monday, and by Friday, we'd already been approved on our new home. Thank you, B.S.N. Phillup Missic family.            

                               22-YR OLD PlAT FORM 
"Awesome service ! Great price ! low money down ! i can't thank you enough"- Crystal Richardson. 

Self checkin one of our rooms - for affordable pricing all rooms are complete with wifi , W/D, Kitchen access smart locks and security.  

Thank you,