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Network where buyers can search free, seller can list properties free on 17 year old data base. Become a member & JV with us along with members. Crowd fund projects with no risk. Get paid on real estate without owning it. Invest & fix & flip it No banks. Our data base of off market properties can be purchase via owner finance with 5% - 25% down. Pay cash for wholesale deals as little as 40% under FMV.  Your member status has value, knowing you have strategic partner on your deal 
logistics, library of e-books , video and more our inventory comprised of NPN,PN,Distressed assets.    

We provide a platform for note investors , real estate investors , wholesalers - we offer free support ,max  exposure on your deals seen by our network & there affiliates. We run factor the no#s match it to a buyer in our database. Once we have a hit on your property a viewing is set. Contract is prepared you  close it. Buy Sell, invest or JV with us and obtain full access to our 15 year old network. We fund sellers repair cost when they don't have it and they are paid % of the ARV + the ASIS. 

Self direct your sdira - 401k fund to a secured income stream or crowd fund a projects we have factored returns on and hold partial note after it all closed out for a return on your investment with no risk. Profit from the note without owning the property. "The banks do it " ! now you can when you invest (crowd fund) with us short term you reap the long term benefit. Fix & flip our owner finance deals on our network ,no banks. Request list by clicking buyer to apply now, become a free member download fix & flip e-book no bank !  Move properties , sell contracts , or renovate with our contractor members and more.  

The options we provide help professionals in the industry succeed. With our 15yr platform we offer a place to expose your deal to buyers. Weather you need repairs done or want off market deals, its here. List free & access our buyers list of over 100s. We also buy & sell  PPMN, PN Income streams with no risk to investors. These are awesome in considering moving SDIRA, 401k funds into secure real estate.  

In addition our consulting services offers rental portfolios owners a way to re-position assets to private held note. Which is factored, leveraged & sold to the highest bidder quicker then the property. We provide support on exiting deals for members. Our long term agreements with national note buyers bid on (IOU ). They are sold in full or partial to defer capital gain. Returns are generated from projects.        

We have extended our services to outside real estate industry pros, savvy Investors, large or small . We offer a solution that provides little to no risk free downloads , power points,  and more. Know what to do to protect yours savings. We provide a viable solution secured by real estate & tailored to the short term & long term needs of our clients. Your not over exposed to any added risk of loss. We offer clients a proven safe bet on capital vested. While offering a peace of mind with a strategic partner hassle free.   

Their are three low risk options offering high returns. Purchase Acquisition , deeds. Your returns are insured as-well as secure in ARV. With additional security built in the event of worst case. Crowd Fund A project and help community's turn those empty houses in your area  call us. Sellers come out better as well as the neighborhood (click sellers )  to download calculation and detailed breakdown on a sample deal. Make more from ARV rather then just ASIS when you sell to us everyone benefits .       

        "We provide services tailored to meet the needs of our member partners with little to no risk".   

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