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Real Estate Platform - where buyers can search free, seller can viirtually list it on a( 23 ) yr old virtual platform. Access buyers searching too purchase these contracts uncoventionally funding end user. Weather you are a whole seller , selling your and receiving payments after closing or ok with it, we will make all cash offer to buy the payments. Buyers are searching for wholsale, retail, NPN , PN, NPL, CFD - ONE OFF / TAPES on this platform. The best part is network then does all the heavy lifting for you. Not to mention support , resourses.  Our process is an assortment of compehensive services made simple for our network members thereby romoving all the red tape in buying / selling process combining special financing factor.

Our comprehensive services have been designed to meet the demands of todays challenges. We tailor each asset to buyers needs and to the sellers sellers listings on this platform too create the perfect match. inaddition sellers gain access to buyers searching for their spepcific deal. Buyers only see assets that meet or beat they're specific request. 

We offer owner finance option that provides an alternative way of funding to avoid bank strict guidlines and to get the deal done weather conventionally or privately - investors searching on this platform to buy the payments created shortly after closing. Weather it is a  1rst or a 2nd we have active buyers ready to make an offer to buy  it. And making home affordable for those that otherwise wouldn't been able to purchase . NO BANKS, or bank finaincing let the platform work for you.

Our services are designed to support buyers and sellers in their efforts when buying or selling real estate. We even go a step further by offfering resources and giving access to our partnerships we developed over the years with other platforms, real estate companies, industry professional , agents , brokers , investors with many years of experience that share knowledge and expertise in all aspects of the industry insuring the success in every deal. 

Member can JV or Crowd fund on projects with no risk depending on your risk tolerance level. We provide options for investor clients to invest with their SDIRA , 401K self direct saving and secure the funds with real estate. Get paid on real estate without owning it. Invest in fix & flip No banks. We have provided off market inventory since 2000 Our data base of inventory is what we do best. Assets are provided via bank NPN, PN , discounted wholesalers , distress sellers, private portfolio managers can be purchase via owner financing with 10- 25% down. Pay cash for wholesale deals as little holders some times 40% under FMV. Become a member and gain access to all the above and more. Members status has value, knowing you have strategic partner on your deals. We offer mentoring services and hold your hand threw the process and in many cases provide you with lead via the platform all of our members share and it generates more for everyone. Affordable housing is out niche and we fee comfortable their with the rising prices in this current climate.

We provide News, Tips , Reviews & Extras articles , e-books , weblinks , live streaming video and more. Our inventory also is comprised of individuals word of mouth , investors relations that know and trust us for all off market discounted assets. since 2000.

We provide a platform for note investors , real estate investors , wholesalers - we offer free support ,max exposure on your deals seen by our network & there affiliates. Factoring that match buyers in our database request. We list your deal virtually so buyers can get a real time view of it and make a decision without having to see it in person for out of country investors we can handle lagistics and assign management aswell. Our platform gives you 22 -year and access to over 100 years of combined experience within the network that sets us apart form the rest. All in one service gives you the ability to list ,search, buy or sell any private asset with professionals . Also we will fund sellers renovation cost when they don't have capital to bring up to code or vacant and your paid up to 8% of the ARV + we are standing by. Our contractors portal takes the worry out of knowing that your renovation  will be done within permit requirements by a license and bonded contractor. 

In addition our consulting services help guide you too exiting the deal , giving owner a way to leverage assets for the maximum benefits while staying in control. We provide support on exiting deal for members. defer capital gain. Returns are generated from projects upsale and passive income secured by property. 

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